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An interactive, exclusive on-line community that Involve, Educate, and Unites transplant patients, parents, and health professionals.

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Program Objective

Program Objective

Inspire and encourage youth to stay motivated on accomplishing goals and attaining dreams, no matter what obstacles or adversities they may face; The program also coaches youth to always follow nurse and doctor recommendations (taking medications properly, monitoring diets, etc.). Our program will instill in them “a positive outlook” on their health conditions.

How Support Matters

Promoting the Importance of Being Compliant and Increasing Pediatric Patient Transplant Independence.

Improving Self Confidence

Through support sessions, our youth are taught to love themselves and embrace life’s adversities by realizing that “Everything you’re not makes you everything you are”!

Inspire Each Other

Allowing youth and their families to have an inspirational platform to chat with others affected by similar situations, they are able to support one another emotionally

Their Own Community

They have the opportunity to listen and engage with others so they’re not alone. This improves adherence, psychosocial health, and improves their transition to adult care.

Become a Partner

The YNOTT? Foundation exists due to the generosity of our amazing donors, who go above and beyond with their support.

By donating today, you are helping to Impact the life of a child and/or family in need. Any donation amount is greatly appreciated and will be used to impact lives! We rely entirely on donor support to fund programs that directly impact the lives of our patients and their families.

YNOTT? Connect addresses critical issues facing children and families in our community. Join us in the fight of impacting lives in our community! We hope you will help us in this endeavor to guarantee healthy futures for our children. Thank you for considering this important request. 

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